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Cooee Network is the perfect place to advertise relevant design products or services. With over 1,850,000 followers combined on our Instagram & Twitter channels we are one of the biggest out there.

Case Studies


Alex Kistenev reached out to us to help him with his Product Hunt launch. His goal was to reach the front page of Product Hunt. We promoted Standuply across our Twitter & Instagram helping Alex reach #1 Product of the day, #2 Product of the week & #4 Product of the month.


Vincent Le moign reached out to us to help him with his Streamline launch. His goal was to achieve more sales for his icon set. We promoted Streamline across our Twitter & Instagram helping get hundreds of qualified visitors in just a few hours.

What accounts do you own?

"Using the Cooee Network helped me to get hundreds of qualified visitors in just a few hours πŸ‘πŸ» It contributed to the success of our Streamline icons launch and gave us extra visibility."

Vincent Le moign, Founder webalys

How does it work?

We promote your service or product to our 800,000+ Twitter audience & our 1,050,000 Instagram audience as a story with a swipe up action. Both will be displayed to our community for 24 hours.

""Cooee Network is a great service for acquiring quality visitors and gaining exposure. One campaign led to hundreds of new visitors checking out Pi"

Noa, Founder Pi


How much does a Sponsored Post cost?

The cost for a sponsored post across our Instagram & Twitter network is $399. If you want to just post on Instagram or Twitter then the price is $299.


Can anyone be a sponsor?

All the content delivered to our audience is carefully selected. Therefore we will only partner up with advertiser that have relevant products, services and jobs for designers and developers. Want to know whether your product is relevant, just send an here

Can I provide my own sponsor imagery?

Yes, but it needs to have an aesthetic that wont make our audience cringe. If you are struggling with image creation let us know and we can help.

How many sponsors do you accept?

We don’t want to spam our audience with only sponsored content. That is why we chose to do one sponsor at a time per day. Instagram Story posts can be done more often.

What if I only want to promote on just Instagram or Twitter?

Then that's no problem, we have a fixed price for our sponsored post but do offer a reduced price if you only want to just post on Instagram or Twitter.

How do I pay?

Payments are handled as followed. First we would like to receive the content for the advertisement. Once both parties are happy you will then pay through PayPal. We will then post the advertisement on the agreed date.

How can I book a post?

Click here to open up your email application. Tell us a little bit about your company/ product and what you would like to advertise. Finish with the preferred date of the advertisement. We will get in touch as soon as possible.

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